Cheesy Pasta

17 August

Pasta 1

Working out of my home studio is a luxury in itself. Having a kitchen readily accessible is a bonus. The downside is when you love what you do, there are some days where I am so focused on my work that I am looking for something quick and simple to enjoy for lunch that’s still nourishing and delicious. Even though it’s summer, on some days I really do crave comfort food. This is where this simple dish comes into play. It takes me two minutes to make once the pasta is cooked. It gives me that “comfort” feeling I’m yearning for, it’s satisfying and I get to enjoy a “cheesy” version of a pasta that’s gluten and great for those sensitive to dairy. Not bad? I bet it’s making you hungry already.

This dish includes gluten free pasta of your choice. I happen to love this one brand that makes an organic brown rice, quinoa, amaranth and corn penne called truRoots. Every time, the pasta comes out a perfect “al-dente” texture and once tossed with two of my favourite ingredients you find yourself with a buttery popcorn-y cheesy flavourful pasta that is so incredibly delicious. I’m not kidding you, it’s the truth! The cheesy flavour is from nutritional yeast – the alternative to the real dairy cheese. The buttery popcorn-y flavour comes from ghee, clarified butter. You can read up on ghee here. I have enjoyed nutritional yeast in many different variations: sprinkled on popcorn, in soups, on steamed vegetables, in salads and pasta. It has the satisfying taste as close to real cheese as you can possibly get. It’s also deliciously yummy and can be added to any vegan or vegetarian dish. The most important factor is it’s nutritionally good for you – a wonderful source of B-complex vitamins, especially B12 vitamin.

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Cheesy Pasta
  • 1 pack of pasta (cooked as per directions on the package)
  • ½ cup nutritional yeast
  • 2 tbsp. ghee (other alternatives: coconut oil, olive oil)
  • ½ cup chopped parsley
  • sea salt and black pepper for seasoning
  1. Cook pasta per instructions on the package, drain water once cooked.
  2. Add ghee, nutritional yeast to pasta and mix all ingredients together.
  3. Season it with parsley, sea salt and black pepper.

Pasta 5


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  1. I love how simple the recipe is, yet how delicious it sounds!! And your photos are gorgeous! <3

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